UVA Rally for President Sullivan

Photos from today’s rally on The Lawn at UVA for President Teresa Sullivan.

4 Responses to UVA Rally for President Sullivan

  1. Dorene Fisher says:

    How can anyone in their right mind look at that crowd and not believe someone (Governor?) must step in and reinstate Sullivan. The two people who MUST be ousted are Dragas and Kington. There are a lot of donors who agree…. Time to drop kick that BOV from here to Texas.

    • CB in Texas says:

      Please do NOT send them to Texas! We have our own problems, but here they are called the Board of Regents!

      We are in great sympathy/empathy with you all at UVa……

      What IS going on in higher ed in this country? The anti-intellectualism and greed of the business community as exemplified by your Board of Visitors is frightening! Keep the pressure on!

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