Long time no blog – Meena & Jeta’s Wedding

Sorry for the lack of blogg-age lately. Lame on my part, no way around that.

It’s been a great few months of shooting lots of weddings, some traveling, and seeing music so figured I’d take some time check back in with the Internet here!

I shot this wedding a few weeks ago outside of Washington, DC at the Audubon Naturalist Society. It was one of the most culturally and visually unique weddings I’ve shot, and a super fun couple on top of everything else! Great times.

The influences at Meena and Jeta’s wedding were both Indian and African, and included everything from the North Indian tradition of a Baraat to the Igbo (Nigerian) tradition of throwing banknotes around the couple while dancing during the reception. Oh, and of course the age-old American traditions of the Groom pounding a Red Bull 20 minutes before the ceremony, and the Bride taking a selfie with her bridesmaids. Very cool stuff.

It was truly a night to be remembered, and also reminded that weddings can be a powerful nod to past traditions while also being the start of a beautiful new future.

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