End of 2018 already?

So in the interest of writing at least ONE blog post in 2018 (whoops!), I figured I’d put up a post to let you all know that though I’ve been blogging (a lot) less, it’s only due to dedicating more time to shooting and not blogging. 😉  

Quick sidenote – for those looking for more frequent content updates, check my Instagram @tomdalyphoto

Anyway, it’s been a great year, with shoots from coast to coast, including perhaps my year highlight of working on a fashion shoot with Sam Abell and the legendary supermodel Cindy Crawford back in April, culminating with a trip to Paris in September to celebrate the shoot’s debut at Paris Fashion Week!  

Here are a few wedding photos from 2018 too, including my most recent season-ender last week out in Lake Tahoe!  Shoutout to all the wonderful couples who brought me along to photograph their weddings this year!

(shoutout late-night Taco Bell!) 🌮🌮🌮
(sometimes summer weddings require a little dip to cool off!)
(shout out to weddings in the woods!)

always a fan of randomly breaking down some dance moves right after the ceremony…

sometimes ya gotta practice when incorporating ancient wedding traditions!

(love when personal friends of the couple do ceremony music!)

Thanks to everyone, and I’ll try to post more in 2019, but no promises 😉

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